The Same Figure (Leaving) – The Driftwood Manor

Max Webb’s Driftwood Trilogy is complete. The figure leaves:

This final installment accompanies “The Same Figure (Leaving)”. This is a tiny epic of rhythmic strangeness and elemental simplicity. A fitting end to the journey…

Part One – That Lasting Final Hurt

Part Two – Blackbirds Are Screaming

Flown The Other Side – Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd is Duncan Poyser and he is the latest addition to tiny EPICs cohort Rusted Rail. Based in Cambridgeshire, his are  hushed midnight musings, an elemental and atmospheric acoustica.

“Flown The Other Side” is a tale of love lost. This tiny epic tells just such a tale, from the perspective of a couple who watched a lot of movies:

The song is taken from a five track EP named “Ah… Good The Sea”. It is beautiful. Get it here.

Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love) – Dott

Galway based band Dott play shiny, harmony driven garage pop, and they do so rather gloriously indeed.

“Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)” is a tale of regeneration, of salvation through blissful love. Idealised, powerful, beautiful.

This tiny epic follows the classic guy meets girl template, kinda:

This tune calls Dott’s debut EP Button its home. Get this cracking collection here.

Girl, Interrupted / Bound – Crime Before Bedtime

Crime Before Bedtime are expert noise makers from the west of Ireland. Theirs is music of searing honesty and no little skill. Two songs here, one video.

Their self-titled EP is available for free via Bandcamp. A download would be advisable.

The girl interrupted is Elaine Cosgrove. She is a rather brilliant writer of poetry and flash fiction.

Wartime – Burrows

tiny EPICs are proud to present their debut video for the marvelous Burrows. The tune is “Wartime”; a delicate slice of cinematic beauty. A haunting fragility is induced:

In Winter is the album.

Purchase it here. The perfect soundtrack to your midwinter slumber.

Lunar Electrification Program – Cubs

tiny EPICs bring you on another journey to Blackberry Lane. The tale is a festive one. The rather splendid tune is “Lunar Electrification Program” by Cubs.

Click. Enjoy, and have a most Merry Christmas indeed!

“Lunar Electrification Program” can be found on The Whispering Woods. Belonging to the Rusted Rail family, the album would make a lovely Christmas present.

Actions/Reactions – Blasterbra

tiny EPICs are proud to present the video for Blasterbra’s fantastic track “Actions/Reactions”:

The folks in Blasterbra are so damn nice that they’ve made this song and Unit – the album it belongs to – available for free here.

Click. Listen. Enjoy.


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